National Talk Like A Pirate Day Freebies

Ahoy matey are ye in for a little fun today??  Ye can celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day and get rewarded with some freebies! 

Krispy Kreme 

Today September, 19 2016 ye can go to Krispy Kreme With your pirate voice and receive 1 free original glazed doughnut. If ye have more of an appetite ye can dress like a pirate and get a dozen original glazed doughnuts for free. Ye don’t have to dress from eye patch to a peg leg all ye need to do is have at least 3 of the listed assesories and ye are able to get a dozen donuts  for free. 

Pirate Hat

Eye Patch



Pirate Shirt



Costume Hook

If ye would like to snapchat with the pirate filter they would also except that in place of dressing up for a dozen free donuts. 

Long John Silvers

Shivr me timbers here’s  another great freebie. 

If ye talk like a Pirate ye will Receive a free piece of Alaskan Whitefish (or piece of Chicken).

If ye dress like a Pirate ye will receive a free 2 pc. Fish Basket (or chicken).

Here argh some talk like a Pirate suggestions:

“ARR I’ve come to plunder me free fish!” Or maybe, “Ahoy, matey! I’ve come for me free fish or chicken tender!”

Dress Like a Pirate Tips:

Be sure to follow the pirate code of dressin’, or walk the plank. To qualify as “dressed like a pirate”, you must wear at least 3 pirate items:

Eye Patch


Silver/Gold Hoop Earring


Peg Leg

Pirate Hat

Pirate Shirt

Parrot on Shoulder (No real birds please!)

Medallion Necklace

Pirate Flag
I hope ye have fun on yee’s adventure. 


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