How to Save Now on K-Cups 

Having coffee every morning can get expensive, Especially when you have a Keurig. Although a Keurig is more covienent it’s NOT cheaper. One Keurig K-cup costs 5 times more than a pot of coffee! To help out with the cost of the K- Cups here is something that I just stumbled upon and was blown away! I just had to share this tip with you. 

Head over here to and register you Keurig brewing machine. Any series of brewers will be accepted. You will need to put in the serial number. The location of the serial number differs on what model you have, there will be a picture to tell you where you can locate your serial number. You’ll also need to put in your purchase date and where you purchased the brewer. I honestly guessed and it and it went through just fine. Lastly you will recive the email for 50% off your K-Cup purchase. You can get up to 5 boxes of Keurig K-Cups with the coupon code that will be emailed to you. (You can mix and match the K-Cups)

I was able to get 120 Donut Shop K-Cups for $37.48 SHIPPED to MY DOOR! 

That’s less than $0.31 per K- Cup! 

(Regularly $0.62 per K-cup)

You only will be able to take advantage of this deals once but, think about it,  If you have a cup of coffee a day, and you buy 120 K-Cups you will have a supply for 120 days that’s 4 months of coffee. 


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